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Unfortunately, we don’t have a full english version. Here we publish english versions of some of our content.

This English sample  includes articles by Nick Theodore, Tasos Koronakis and Bernd Riexinger, published in German in Luxemburg 4/2011  Download (9 Mb) .





This English sample is a special compilation of the following articles, translated from various issues of Luxemburg.

Michael Löwy: negativity and utopia in the global justice movement (German version published  in 1/2010, 136ff )

Raúl Zibechi: the battle for lithium (German version published  in 3/2010, 60ff )

Oliver Pye: biofuels and food sovereignty. transnational conflicts (German version published  in 3/2010, 66ff )

Susan George: alternatives to finance-led capitalism (German version published  in 1/2009, 110ff )

Download (4,7 MB)

Further articles:

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